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2017 Saints MatchGrants Program

Files to guide you through and to explain MatchGrants

2017 Saints MatchGrants in Brief and Q&A

For Saints members who make a voluntary donation to eligible organizations, this tells you how to request the Saints to make a matching donation

2017 MatchGrants Info for Organizations
For organizations who receive voluntary donations from Saints members, this tells you what to do to receive a matching donation from the Saints

2017 Saints MatchGrants Fillable Form
This is the form to use, by members and organizations, when making a donation. Note that it will ask the member and the organization to provide a digital signature.
IMPORTANT!!! The process begins on September 1st, so don't start using this form until then.

Digitally Signing Your Saints MatchGrant Form
Here are step-by-step instructions on how to digitally sign the MatchGrants fillable form. You may want to open it in a separate window while you're filling out the form

2016 MatchGrants Eligible Organizations
This is last year's list of eligible organizations, provided just so you can see what the list looks like. A list for 2017 will appear here by September 1st, the start date for the 2017 MatchGrant program.